At HQ Recording we offer a cost-effective mastering service to help your project compete on streaming services and radio.


1 track = £20 per master

Additional edits (Radio / Instrumental Mixes) incur extra small charges dependent on requirements.

For large scale projects (6+ tracks) discounts are available.

What Is Mastering?

Mastering is the process of bringing your finished mix up to a level that allows it to compete in terms of loudness and ‘sheen’ with similar tracks on radio, streaming services, and physical mediums such as CD/Vinyl. It is an important part of any professional music release.

As mastering is performed on the finished mix, it is important to understand that specific elements of the track
(For e.g Vocals / Snare Drum) cannot be manipulated or changed at the mastering stage, so please ensure that these are correct.

What Do I Need To Give You?

We require your finished mix exported as a 44.1khz 24bit WAV/AIFF. Please do not send us MP3’s.
Ideally you will leave us some ‘headroom’ on your mix (I.E your mix will not peak at 0db on a volume meter).
Please remove any ‘brickwall’ limiters & heavy compression from your mixbus before exporting.
If you require additional mixes these must be provided at the same time.

Examples Of Our Mastering Work